A Vital Changed to protect the privacy of WhatsApp

If you do that then you can see a new thing when you send message with this update version.”Message You Send To This Chat And Calls Are Now Secured With End-to-End Encryption” is written under the message.

It is a news of security. But what is this End-to-End Encryption? And what is the profit? Before this update version third person can easily hack your message.Third person can hack this between the message send & receive time. But with this encryption only sender & receiver can access this message.but both of them require the whatsapp update version.To use this you just follow few steps:-after update when you send the first message,certainly you can see another message-Message you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end to end encryption. Tap here more info.to tap on this message you will get a QR code.


Same this way the receiver also get this message. If any one of you scan and verify the QR code then your whatsapp chat become secure. So secure your whatsapp chat & call quickly install this new version.

WhatsApp latest sparkling features 

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