WhatsApp latest sparkling features

WhatsApp latest sparkling features

Now a days for Google android os and iOS users,  WhatsApp brought benefits. Now let’s have a look into what’s new features.

1) Whatsapp on the Android and iOS users photos, videos, chat, or any particular group will be able to save. To save images or videos or chat users that want to save, click on it to go. Then you ‘to save media’ option, you will see. Click the option that you want to save, it will be saved.

2) If you do not want to save any media for options. ‘Never’ option to save WhatsApp users can opt out of the process.

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3) While chatting with the WhatsApp users will continue to receive notification of new messages. Chatting with other
facilities in order to reply to the message.

4)  iphone , users will receive notification of calls missed.

5) PDF files can not be shared. WhatsApp users will get the same advantages. They can easily share files from any PDF.


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