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Nokia, a big brand in India is bringing back the brand value. So Nokia 9 is coming to charm you again with the best ever features, in a new look again going to make you mad. Put your hand in your pocket and keep waiting for the phone to blaze and amaze you again. As it is yet to get in our hands, we can not make Nokia 9 edition right now.

According to the news we received they are releasing it with Enhanced OZO audio system. In audio technology we can say that it’s new in the market and so why its our duty to introduce it with public. It will allow sound to capture and Will seem like real life. We are in a generation where everyone likes to be realistic. In human race we all like low budget and high definitions in mobs. Sound is in revolution. There are two or three microphones in Nokia 9. See MoreNokia 5 Is Next To Hit The Stores : The Snake Is Coming With Nougat

OZO is an advanced psychoacoustic technology which allows the sound to be captured and play like real life. It will amplify the sound and will throw its sound every direction. With its noise cancelling system it will allow us to get better and enhanced performance from it. Audio Focus mode will you accentuate the correct sounds which you need while reducing ambient sounds or background noise. Read Also : Nokia P1 Android SmartPhone Price, Specifications, Features, Release Date and More

Iris scanner or Eye scanner is a automated method of eye scanning. Its a biometric identification of a man with whom we can recognize anyone. Its base is retina. It applies pattern recognition technologies to scan every individual eye

Nokia 9 Specification :

Nokia 9 is coming with another new technology called carl Zeiss. It is the base of its camera which is a 22MP dual lens shooter in the back. In the front side a 12 MP is working alongside with it. In its front camera they used Flat Field Correction system and also has removed the other bugs in their previous camera.

We can expect 5.5 inch OLED display with water and dust resistance IP68. It will support 1560p X 1440p. Auto brightness works quite brilliantly. Nokia 9 have fingerprint sensor, Adreno 540 GPU, which is a great example of renovation. With qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa core cpu it works quite brilliantly. In its OS we can expect android 7.1.2 Nougat. a 6GB ram made it faster than ever. 3,800 mAh battery made it super than its previous editions. In its internal we are going to see a huge change. there are 64 or 128 GB variants will avail in the market.

Nokia 9 Release :

We though are not sure about its release still can’t  explain its arrival in the market. In the sketch its to much predictable but we still have to wait for is also in news that nokia will bring this phone to US sp its possible that it will come soon in our hands.

Nokia 9 price in India :

Though Nokia hasn’t revealed any details we just expect Nokia 9 Price in india is understatement approximately. Its so much in this kinds of price range and also we just wait for its approval right now. Also SeeBang!! Nokia is Again launching Nokia 8 : Specification, Release Date, Price

Nokia stepped on the market with the new Nokia models in this year. The smartphone brand is trying to get all their value , all their good will again. Nokia has lost the market on the competition of smartphone rather than windows phone. So, Nokia is back to compete with the other companies with Android features. Hope Nokia will make a huge market and have a great response for the new Smartphone Nokia 9.


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